Terms of Purchase


The web site www.organica-vita.net is owned by Organica Vita (OIB: 14228355878), Vraneševci 2a, 33523 Čađavica, Croatia. The general terms and conditions apply to registered users. A registered user (hereinafter referred to as a user or a registered user) may become any person who is fully operational and accepts the terms of business of Organica Vita's business. When purchasing the first purchase, the customer must register and fill in all required fields with true data. Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the business is confirmed by the customer by registering, thus becoming a registered user. The user is obliged to take care of the security of his / her user password and to modify it occasionally. Organica Vita is not responsible for user password misuse, but will respond promptly after the user issues probable misuse. Organica Vita fully disclaims any liability that may in any way result from, or is in any way connected with, the use of this Website, any user action by using or abusing the contents of this Website and any damages that may incurred by the user or any third party regarding the use or misuse of the contents of this web site. Registered user has the right to purchase items at www.organica-vita.net and use them in good faith. Organica Vita reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions of use and use of this site at any time. The changes will take effect at the time of publication, and the user will be notified by e-mail. It is believed that by accessing the site, the user is familiar with the current rules and terms of use of the same, and when confirming the purchase it confirms it. Organica Vita tries to information about the articles is accurate and up to date, but distances itself from any potential errors in the published information. Organica Vita accepts no liability or liability for any errors or omissions contained in this web site.


Each registered user can purchase items from Organica Vita's offer on the website www.organica-vita.net. The sales contract between the registered user and Organica Vita becomes valid after receipt of the ordered item and is valid only for the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Organica Vita is committed to deliver all ordered and paid products that are available on stock at the time of delivery. In the event of a delivery failure, Organica Vita will contact the customer and arrange for a new delivery, replacement or cancellation of the ordered product, while other available products will be delivered. In case of inability to deliver the ordered and paid product, Organica Vita will make a refund.

Prices and shipping costs

All prices are expressed in kunas, with VAT included 13% or 25%, depending on the type of item. Offer and price for special deals and discounts are valid until the expiry of the deadline stated on the website itself or until the stock expires.

Complaints and Returns

All products have been thoroughly inspected and delivered in good condition before submitting to the delivery service. If the user notices damage caused by the transport, the user must immediately contact Organica Vita employees and report damage by phone or e-mail. In that case, Organica Vita will, at its own expense, deliver a new product to the user. If you get the wrong product or you are confused with the order, please feel free to contact us at webshop@organica-vita.com.

To resolve the online dispute, the EU's online dispute resolution platform is in charge

Shipping and Payment

Direct payment to account (Pay by bank wire)

Delivery of ordered and paid products is done through the delivery service, and within 5-7 business days. Delivery is done exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. When picking up, the user is required to identify the delivery service employee, check for any damage to the shipment, and if the shipment is correct, sign the invoice, confirming receipt of the shipment. In case of damage to the shipment, the user is obliged to immediately send the shipment to the service provider. Organica Vita disclaims any liability that may arise from the time of delivery to the delivery service until delivery to the user.

Payment by credit card

Ordered products can be paid online, one time, at a valid retail price, with the following credit cards: MasterCard®, Maestro® or Visa® card. In order to protect your data more complete, confidential information about the cards (card number, validity date and CVV code) that you specify are not stored on the Organica Vita Web Store. Organica Vita does not have access to card number at any time. Transaction processing is performed through the WSPay Transaction Processing System.


The user's email address will be used to automatically send different messages, depending on the activity (registration certificate, order confirmation, delivery or cancellation notice, card validation certificate or cancellation of the transaction). It is the responsibility of the user to give the correct email address.

Delivery of orders above 150 kn is not charged.